How To Reset the oc4jadmin password in R12

While upgrading our Tech Stack to on RHEL 5 for EBS 12.0.4 the oui prompts for oc4jadmin’s password, if you don’t know the password below steps can be followed to reset OC4JADMIN password


1 : Login as Application User (applxxx)
2 : cd $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/config
3 : cp -rp system-jazn-data.xml system-jazn-data.xml_orig
4 : vi system-jazn-data.xml
5 : edit the following section ::

>> the credentials part with “!” sign followed with the password

[display-name]OC4J Administrator[/display-name]
[description]OC4J Administrator[/description]

Save this file and restart your OPMN Services “opmnctl startall”

Reference : Metalink Note 576587.1


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