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Important Views when using Oracle RMAN

RC_ARCHIVED_LOG information about all archivelogs.

RC_BACKUP_CONTROLFILE backup control files in backup sets.

RC_BACKUP_CORRUPTION corrupt blocks in datafile backups and copies.

RC_BACKUP_DATAFILE datafile backups (in backup sets).

RC_BACKUP_PIECE backup pieces.

RC_BACKUP_REDOLOG redo log backups (in backup sets).

RC_BACKUP_SET backup sets.

RC_CHECKPOINT rc_checkpoint is replaced by rc_resync, but is still used by some tests.

RC_CONTROLFILE_COPY controlfile copies.

RC_COPY_CORRUPTION corrupt block ranges in datafile copies for all database incarnations.

RC_DATABASE information about databases and their current incarnations.

RC_DATABASE_INCARNATION information about all incarnations registered in recovery catalog.

RC_DATAFILE information about all datafiles registered in recovery catalog.

RC_DATAFILE_COPY datafile copies (on disk).

RC_LOG_HISTORY information about redo log history.

RC_OFFLINE_RANGE offline ranges for datafiles.

RC_REDO_LOG information about online redo logs.

RC_REDO_THREAD information about redo threads.

RC_RESYNC information about recovery catalog resyncs (checkpoints).

RC_STORED_SCRIPT stored scripts.

RC_STORED_SCRIPT_LINE each line of each stored script.

RC_TABLESPACE information about all tablespaces registered in recovery catalog.